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The Birth Of “Hollywood Jim” Part:Two

December 19, 2011

I have to remind you that you’re getting the bulk of all this and that I’ve left out a lot of smaller details.  You can buy the book at Publish America…oh wait, they stopped carrying my book and now want me to buy back the publishing rights.  Not happening grasshopper.  This white ass from Buffalo, New York remembers full well that in the original contract the publishing rights revert back to me after one year.  Snap!

Anyway, God, the Holy Spirit, my higher self, whatever you want to call it guided me out west.  I gave away and sold everything I had in order to make this trip.  I had no idea where I was going only that I was westward bound.  I pulled into Sedona, Arizona and knew this was the place I wanted to be.  I had never heard of Sedona, but I had also never seen anything like it.  Sedona proved to be the year of hell for me.  Everything I thought I knew and wanted was gone.  All my possessions were gone and I was left spiritually empty.  After one year, I made my way to Colorado Springs where I got my first job ever at the ripe old age of 36.  I quickly discovered that I liked working and meeting people.  Of course it was one of many bullshit jobs that came my way.  People in positions of power are funny.  If for one minute they suspect you’re smarter than they are you’re gone.  I also learned that the ego is strong in most people.  If I’ve learned anything throughout my years it’s that the ego will prevent you from moving forward and learning.  I was learning all right and I hated it.  After being unemployed for several months I stumbled upon a job in the want ads looking for a sales clerk in an adult business.  I thought to myself, well I can do that until something else comes along.  A job is a job.  Was I ever in for a wakeup call.  The adult business is like no other business you can imagine.  I think I blushed for two weeks and it was another year before I knew what a butt plug was used for.  I also encountered a segment of the population that disgusted, intrigued me, and gave me Hollywood Jim.

I started as a sales clerk and after one year I was made manager.  Within in 3 months of making manager, the store was showing a profit for the first time in years.  One year after that I was asked to manage their flagship store in Denver.  It was more money…a lot more money so off to the big city I was.  I hated Denver and would do so for the next 5 years.

Shortly after arriving to the world that no longer just contained the perverts, I was now dealing with hookers, pimps, drug dealers, and thugs.  Trust me, you think you know, but you have no idea whatsoever.

I was then asked to handle the marketing for the store.  What the hell did I know about marketing?  I was asked to call a publication named The Oyster and place an ad.  The Oyster Magazine was the largest adult publication in Colorado with a distribution reaching over a 100K.  Within a short time the publisher of the paper remarked that I gave the best advice and would I consider writing a column for her magazine?  Me? Write?  I was reminded of the english professor in college who told me I would never be published because of my grammar and punctuation faux pas.  Asshole.  Little did he or I know then what was to come.

I wrote the first column once a month.  It turned into such a hit I was asked to write weekly.  The column was called Hollywood Jim and Miss Kitty.  Miss Kitty being my Chihuahua.  I discovered that this motherfucker loved being heard!  I was in love knowing that people were reading what I wrote and loving it!  Hollywood Jim was born.

I was promoted as a celebrity in Colorado and made appearances as such.  I appeared at bikini car washes, adult nightclubs and at mainstream establishments.  I even did a marketing stint in 08 as a presidential candidate.  I was recognized wherever I went…even Walmart.  A radio show was to follow with Clear Channel Radio.  Clear Channel is hugely conservative and an adult personality was going to get his own show.  I was also the first adult sponsor at the Fillmore Auditorium.  Hollywood Jim was now mainstream.  I contributed to several publications in Colorado as the popularity continued.

One day, it all came to a crashing halt, but that’s another story that I’ll share with you sometime.  This fat, gay, white kid from small town America who was afraid of his own shadow was front and center.  I made public speeches, was filmed and photograped and I loved it.  I was no longer in that closet of agoraphobia and never wanted to see the inside again.  I knew when doing all that, that I had found what I loved doing.  It’s become my passion and my inner thrill.  To have a job you love so much you look forward to a new day is truly a blessing and one that I continue to seek.

I’m now back in Sedona after a 10 year absence.  The crowd here is much different, but I’m Hollywood Jim and will continue to seek that spot (light)!



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  1. Jennifer Nuzzo permalink

    Ur hot stuff baby! Snap! Lol

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