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Aliens: The Green Kind

December 20, 2011

Last night I woke from a dream about aliens.  In the dream a woman was showing a satellite map that indicated an eclipse of a giant disc shaped spacecraft.  I could hear and feel the panic around me and just as the tension was reaching a crescendo I walked over and turned off the hologram.  It was a hoax.  This dream so represented my feelings on aliens, the possibility of their existence, and the people who belive in them.

My curiosity in the possibility other life forms began almost a year ago to the day.  Never before have I lived in a community so entrenched in that belief.  I was encountering person after person sharing thoughts about it,  even alien contact and abduction.  One woman was the publisher of a newspaper, another man is large resort owner, and of course the multitudes of others who make their living off of this belief.  Could little green men exist and if they are here amongst us what is the reason for the secrecy on their part?  I’ve come too several conclusions which I’ll came back to in a bit.

I’ve never been one to believe in the exclusivity of Earth life existing in the entire universe and I still don’t, but it has raised some questions about the people who do believe in aliens.  The publisher of the paper who at the time was living with a well-known civil engineer shared some stories that made me question the whole idea.  Could a prominent woman in the community be crazy and her BFF?  The paper no longer exists and she just hightailed it out of Sedona without a word to anyone.  She certainly left me as a contributing writer to her publication in the dark.  Not one returned phone call or email from her.  Was she abducted….again?  Hardly.  She exists in another state as I came to find out.  The BFF who is the inventor of a spray that kills all silicon life forms as advertised in that publication wouldn’t even discuss the reason he invented the product for fear that even the conversation alone would attract unwanted attention from silicon life forms.  Okay, cool…you’re scared.  I get it, but why invent a product to sell to the masses and not market it?  It doesn’t make sense. When I pointedly questioned the resort owner his response is that we are all alien life forms.  Uh, no baby….I was born here on planet Earth and that makes me native to this soil, not alien.  I wasn’t buying that either.

Not too long ago I came to work for a short time at a business that caters to many other beliefs and every single one of those people confirmed a belief in alien life forms.  If it wasn’t the people who admitted to contact it was the people who believed in the others alien contact.  The groupies I’ll call them.  I even met a talk radio host who has admittedly not experienced alien contact, but is surely catering to the minority with those beliefs.

You know I had to go on that UFO tour and let me tell you that what they explained was UFO in the sky surely didn’t look like UFO in the sky to me.  I was totally expecting to see the mother ship and I didn’t.  Now, was I seeing things that didn’t move like you would think something in the night sky should move?  Yes.  It also raised the possibility of things our own government has flying out there too. The people giving the tour had nothing positive to say about aliens and UFO’s which made me curious as to why they would capitalize on something so negative.  Why would anyone in their right mind who claims weekly violent abductions want to profit from this?  For me, it would be like experiencing a violent rape, writing a book on it and reliving it over and over again on a book tour or interview.

I also encountered an individual who claims abductions and enhanced psychic powers in exchange for those psychic gifts.  Huh?  Why would anyone want to give their power to anyone else let alone a being from another galaxy?  I forgot to mention the implant which in my opinion didn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before so the possibility of alien contact is there.

I had a psychic reading once in which the person told me I was from a planet called Sirius-B.  At first I was like, wow!  Maybe I am, but upon further investigation of my own belief system I concluded that it was a line of horse shit.  I became aware of my existence and where I originated from years ago.  I never once felt a longing for a home that doesn’t exist here on Earth.  I know full well that I come from God or what I perceive as God.  For me, God is love and light and I am a part of that love and light.  I know that when this lifetime is over that I have free will and that I can go back to my co-creater or continue on to something else.  I also know that when I chose to go back into that light that my eternal existence as a separate being concludes forever.

It may seem like I’m disregarding the whole idea of alien life forms, but I’m not.  Does one century in the timeline of human existence suddenly make the technological bounds we’ve seen without the exchange of alien intelligence?  I don’t know. Does the person I see in front of me who seems to have something just under the skin…something greasy…is that person an alien?  I don’t know.  Do I have the right to question someone else’s reality?  No, but I do have the choice of accepting it or not.  Does a small community whose sole purpose is to profit off that belief wrong or is Sedona a microcosm of the whole?  I don’t know.  I do however know this.  Until an alien knocks on my door telling me I’ve won the lottery and am now a millionaire I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket.  I’m also not playing into the fear some of these people have.  So. when the men in black show up I’m saying no…just like Nancy Regan told me too.  Ha ha.  I’m not giving my power to anyone or anything.  I am an eternal soul with more power in one finger than an entire army of green life forms may have and I say this because without that belief I am doomed to all that would have me believe otherwise.  And if push comes to shove I’m on the side of the light and all that is good.  Amen.


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