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December 21, 2011

Am I full of it or just tired of the emptiness of all this unconditional love bullshit? The 60’s was full of love your brother and pass the joint crap that ultimately lead to the cocaine filled 70’s and early 80’s. What makes 2011/1012 so different? Is it all the doom sayers jumping on that Mayan calendar stuff? Is it that I live in Sedona the land of “I can help you get those answers, but it’ll cost ya” opportunists? Well, that was the motto 12 years ago when I lived here and not much has changed since then. I just don’t see any progressive thinking going on here or in the rest of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, most are here for one reason or another and there’s nothing wrong with getting paid for your services to those seeking answers, but do you really have the answers or are you just another mouth moving? Spirit led me here is something I’ve heard more than once. Why is it spirit never leads you too New Jersey or Nebraska? Spirit didn’t lead me here, I drove in a car knowing full well what I was in for…or did I? I came back here after a 10 year absence for rest and quiet. I got that, but now it’s time to put this ass to work!

I don’t want to come across as judgemental because everyone has different reasons for being here and of course God has reasons for all being here. I just don’t see cohesive thinking going on and until there is a universal conciousness there will never be one conciousness. I mean for Christ’s sake you all couldn’t even decide on streetlights. Thinking that existed 12 years ago is still the same thinking. I don’t see the growth.

I totally accept your right to belief in aliens and balancing chakras, but why is it acceptance of or at least the consideration of other beliefs never discussed? What makes you different from another human is what sets you apart from the pack and therefore makes a you a leader.

I think sometimes the balancing of the human and the spiritual is a tough one for some. I still have to work and live in the physical, but I can also dream and form new thoughts in the ethereal. I also accept that I don’t have all the answers and that’s a good thing because it keeps me questioning and growing. What I do now is not what I will be doing in the future. Thank you Jesus for that!

You can occupy love , occupy wall street, but why is it always one or the other? Can’t you be and do both? I apologize if I offended anyone…don’t take it personally, I’m just as different and as important as you are so don’t brush me off as some loudmouth crackpot, because I haven’t brushed you off as much as it may seem so. I couldn’t even count on two hands the times I’ve been brushed off simply because you didn’t think I was as spiritual as you are or that I know taking a shit in the morning is important, but few would even acknowledge that. Yeah, you believe in aliens baby…now prove that belief. You can see my future? No you can’t and that’s something you would never admit whereas I would.

You see the difference is this. I can tell you if I have a mouthful of shit and you would just mumble a chant. Be real and the rest will follow. LOL…I think it was Jack Nicolson who said ” You can’t handle the truth”! Yes I can Jack…bring it on!

Anyway, A lot of this is me being in a shitty mood and negative. I admit that. I can accept your voice as possibly being the truth, but you also have to accept mine…or at least again the possibility. It’s a global society baby….together we are one!


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