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Nightmare at Oak Creek Small Animal Clinic

December 22, 2011

It all started with good intentions. The day before I had made bean soup that required a ham bone. Of course, I’m not eating a bone and since my two Chihuahua’s have never even tasted a bone I thought it would be a great treat for them. The bones were bigger than their heads so I didn’t think much of them actually being able to gnaw anything off of the bone except the meat scraps. Miss Kitty, my 7-year-old with bad teeth managed to eat the bone marrow and then played hide and seek with it from my other Chihuahua. The fun was over when I threw the bones away. I’ve been a dog owner and lover all my life and I know perfectly well that dogs shouldn’t be eating bones for various reasons, namely bones shards could break off. What I didn’t anticipate was that the bone marrow would constipate Miss Kitty. It was proof on our walk when I watched her, try as she might to take a crap that just wasn’t happening.

Several weeks earlier Miss Kitty had been to the vet for an enema to relieve constipation. Miss Kitty’s stools have always been hard, but with age it’s become more of a problem. She was treated and prescribed Myalax to soften the stool and everything had been fine until after the bone incident. I was worried and knew another enema was in order at a cost of 85 bucks.

I took her into the same veterinarian clinic I had been to several weeks earlier explaining what the problem was…again. I also added that I thought it may have been brought on by the bone marrow from the bone I had given her. My mistake, because immediately they started scolding me about the dangers of bones. The receptionist went into the back to talk the vet and came back out saying the vet wanted an x-ray. I declined the x-ray because I knew full well my animal did not ingest any bone fragment which was apparent when I threw the said bone away. Of course the two of the receptionists still went on about that goddamn bone causing me mild panic, but I stuck to my guns…an enema is all she needs at this point. They took Miss Kitty from my arms and told me I could pick her up in two hours.

Two hours later I come back and Miss Kitty is placed back into my arms with her bottom still wet and covered in feces. She then hands me the bill for $135 dollars! I look more closely at that bill and see they charged for two enemas and a toenail clipping I never asked to be done. They also explained she needed two enemas to completely flush her out. I was fuming at that point and said I was not paying for that nail clipping and then I scolded that asshole for causing me to be upset and in a panic the whole 2 hours they had her. We paid and left. They were gonna get that money out of me one way or the other.

I get home and look at Miss Kitty more closely. I can now see that two of her toenails had been clipped so short they had been bleeding. I call the vet’s office immediately and ask what happened to her and to put them on notice that if an infection set in I was holding them libel. She told me Miss Kitty was fine and I exploded, “How could she be fine?’ “You cut two of her nerve ending in her toenails someone must have heard her yelp in pain”. She said she was there in the office and heard nothing. She then told me she would investigate and call me back. Within 5 minutes she called back and said one nail was cut and bleeding and the vet tech used a nail quick stop. I said TWO nails were cut like that and I can’t believe you’re just brushing this off like it was okay. I was then told I could take my business elsewhere.

It was then my turn to file a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau. In my complaint I wanted the 30-dollars back they charged for the second enema which I don’t believe she needed. Yesterday, I get a letter from the Oak Creek Small Animal Clinic along with a check for the 30 bucks. In the letter they reiterated that it was best I take my business elsewhere.

For me, it wasn’t even about the money, where was the investigation into the matter? Who do you have working for you that would cut an animals nails so short they would bleed? Why was I being dismissed? Where was the apology for my animals pain? Where was the compassion for me a longtime animal lover? Where was my apology?

I’m still mad and only time will get me over this anger. I’ve been going to this vet since I came here 2-years ago and never expected an incident like this to happen. My warning to all is to investigate the person and persons who will be taking care of your animal when they become ill. Are they an animal lover like you? Do they have more than dollar signs in their eyes when seeing your dog? How will you be treated as a consumer in an event like this?

Just because you work in a veterinarians office doesn’t exactly mean you know more than I do when it comes to my animals care. I hope this blog posted on Twitter and Facebook goes a far way to warn other patrons of their business, and deep inside as a passionate human being who totally loves my animals as only another animal lover can understand, I hope they go out of business. And a big fuck you to them all. Merry Christmas assholes.


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