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December 25, 2011

Today, I am grateful for everything I have.  Right now, I let go of the past and look forward to what is coming, and appreciate what remains.

So much time I spend thinking about the past and how I could have changed it and affected the people from it differently.  I can’t change anything about it…not one thing and today I let it all go.  My prayer is that I have enough hindsight to release it all when I start to look behind and am reminded to turn my head to look forward…chin high, chest out, and proud.

In this moment right now, I am grateful for it all.  I am thankful for a clean home, a bed, my car, my clothes and shoes, hot water, food, good health, my dogs, and my few friends who truly understand and appreciate me as I do them.

As I write all of this I look forward to what is coming and will look with joy for what is ahead for what is ahead is wonderful because I will not spend anytime thinking of things I have no control over.

My Christmas gift to me is happiness and excitement for a future filled with abundance and divine guidance.  Amen!



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