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January 2, 2012

I was lying there this morning thinking of the mundane day ahead.  I thought how nothing is going to be different from yesterday and what the fuck is the point of even getting up?  After the coffee and cherry cigar cleared my head I thought again about the day ahead.  It’s completely up to me on how I approach the day.  Today, I choose excitement, lots of interesting people coming into the store, and at the end of it all a deep satisfaction that it was good.

I’m grateful for good friends and a job that gets me out of the house.  No day has to be just like the day before and no thought that I have has to be the same thought I had an hour ago.  Today, I choose peace, love, and excitement.

I had a great day yesterday and it was because I wasn’t going to be deterred by one negative thought  and I wasn’t going to give in to someone else’s negative thought.  It’s my choice on what I want to feel and what I want to do.

I’m looking forward to a new year filled with exciting challenges and just as exciting people.  Bring it on baby, I’m ready!


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  1. Right on Jim! That’s the spirit!

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