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Jump Off

January 3, 2012

I apologize for yesterday.  I stepped back into some old behavior that I’m not proud of and I don’t feel good about it.  I was supposed to rise above it and maintain my cool.  I didn’t.  I became inflexible, angry, and pretty damn ugly.

It all started when I posted a video about people getting in the way.  What I meant by the video is to say that we have to be respectful of everyone and everything.  You can’t stop your car in moving traffic because you want to take a picture or you want that parking spot and you’re just going to sit there until it happens,  in the meantime causing other people to be inconvenienced.  You can’t walk in front of other people expecting them to move out of your way.  You can’t blast your music so loud it upsets others.  You can’t hit my ankles in the supermarket with your shopping cart.  You can’t impose your life on others.

I feel that when we fully understand our impact on the people around us that we do raise our consciousness.  When we accept the idea that we all have an effect on each other and respect that idea only then can we move forward.  If we keep moving to a place where we lose the idea of cause and effect we lose common respect.

My delivery in making the video was off because it came across as arrogant which was not my intention.  I wouldn’t have thought anything was wrong with the video until someone I don’t know made a comment I didn’t like and bingo…I was there. I was angry and upset.  I wanted to beat that persons ass to a pulp because they went against my ideal.  Truth is, I didn’t have to like what he said, but I didn’t have to go off and get upset either.  What I should have done was stop and ask myself why this person’s comment upset me and choose my reaction.  I didn’t do that.

I’m grateful this person checked me.  I can now see where I tripped and how I would handle a similar situation again.  I jumped off where I shouldn’t have, and will not be jumping off blindly again.


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