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Jaime Fraley

January 24, 2012

I listened and watched a video my friend sent me this morning and I started crying.  Jaime’s post was a reply to my comment about wanting to lay in the Sun.  I watched that video and I started thinking back through my life quickly.  I saw all the years spent in a prison of fears.  I remembered all too clearly the trap I had been in for the longest time.  The Sun was something I never felt because I was afraid.  I was 36 years old when I felt that Sun and ventured into the world that now intrigued me.  I saw things and met people I never thought possible.  I was a part of that Sun.

Now, I find myself desperate and longing to know and experience more!  I don’t know how to explain it other than to say I want to experience people like never before.  I want to see and experience people in Korea, Egypt, and Europe. I want to feel that energy and how it relates to the Universe.  I want to feel how the land across the globe feels and how the animals feel.  I want to know what it’s like to exhausted by the greatness of it all only to wake up with another thrill ahead of me!   I want to be so filled with greatness that it explodes from me.  I want to be the Great Pyramid in Egypt and be the tallest skyscraper in Singapore.  I want to be Rome and the Tower of London.  I want to be the hawk in the sky.  I want to be the collective greatness!  When I lay in the Sun I am there.

I also cried because I see limitations and the sometimes un-greatness of it all. I see the ordinary and today I don’t feel the Sun.  When will I feel the walk on a dream again?  I’ll wait a little while.

Thank you my friend….you reminded me of the thrill of it!


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